The IDT Tsi578 is a third-generation Serial RapidIO Switch. Supporting 80 Gbps aggregate bandwidth, the Tsi578 enables customers to develop high performance systems at low cost. The device is targeted at the following: Chip-to-chip DSP and processor aggregation Board-to-board backplane interconnect Chassis-to-chassis interconnect over copper or optics. The Tsi578 can be configured as a 16-port x1 switch or an 8-port x4 switch (or various combinations of x1 and x4). Each of the ports can operate at 1.25 Gbaud, 2.5 Gbaud, or 3.125 Gbaud.

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  • 80 Gbps of non blocking full duplex bandwidth
  • Multicasting
  • Traffic management through scheduling algorithms, programmable buffer depth
  • Fabric performance monitoring to supervise and manage traffic flow

Product Options

注文可能な製品ID Part Status Pkg. Code Pkg. Type Lead Count (#) Temp. Grade Pb (Lead) Free Carrier Type 購入/サンプル
TSI578-10GCL Obsolete HM675 FCBGA 675 C No Tray
TSI578-10GCLY Obsolete RM675 FCBGA 675 C No Tray
TSI578-10GIL Obsolete HM675 FCBGA 675 I No Tray
TSI578-10GILY Obsolete RM675 FCBGA 675 I No Tray
TSI578-10GCLH Obsolete HMH675 FCBGA 675 C No Tray
TSI578-10GCLV Obsolete HMG675 FCBGA 675 C Yes Tray
TSI578-10GILH Obsolete HMH675 FCBGA 675 I No Tray
TSI578-10GILV Obsolete HMG675 FCBGA 675 I Yes Tray


タイトル 他の言語 タイプ 形式 サイズ 日付
Tsi578 Device Errata Errata PDF 71 KB
Tsi578 User Manual Manual PDF 2.72 MB
Tsi578 Hardware Manual Manual PDF 913 KB
RapidIO Software Support Application Note Application Note PDF 89 KB
Tsi578 Design Notes Application Note PDF 48 KB
RapidIO Packet Tracing using the Tsi57x Application Note PDF 545 KB
Thermal Device Analysis and Design Considerations Application Note PDF 70 KB
Tsi RapidIO Switch Device Differences Application Note PDF 53 KB
Tsi578 Port Error Recovery and Resynchronization Application Note Application Note PDF 237 KB
PDN# : CQ-17-02R1 Quarterly Market Declined PDN (revision1) Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 647 KB
PDN# : CQ-17-02 Quarterly Market Declined PDN Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 898 KB
PCN# : A1402-03 Change Assembly Material Set for FCBGA-399 & FCBGA-675 Product Change Notice PDF 31 KB
Supercomputing at the Mobile Edge Overview Overview PDF 991 KB
IDT Products for Radio Applications (日本語) English Product Brief PDF 2.34 MB
S-RIO Switch Feature Comparison Chart Product Brief PDF 50 KB
H-Spice Model Access Request Miscellaneous PDF 11 KB
Tsi578 Product Brief Product Brief PDF 444 KB
SRIOGen2 System Modeling Tool Product Brief PDF 914 KB
RapidIO Signal Analyzer Product Brief Product Brief PDF 468 KB
RapidIO System Modeling Tool Feature Sheet Product Brief PDF 188 KB
Tsi578 Ballmap Pinlist-Ballmap PDF 26 KB
Tsi578 and Freescale MSC8144 AMC Feature Sheet Product Brief PDF 166 KB
Tsi578 Pinlist Pinlist-Ballmap TXT 9 KB
Tsi578 MicroTCA Switching Module Feature Sheet Product Brief PDF 113 KB


タイトル 他の言語 タイプ 形式 サイズ 日付
RapidIO Switch API Installer Software ZIP 364 KB
Tsi578 IBIS Model Model - IBIS IBS 329 KB
Tsi578 RapidFET 3_2_003 Module Software Tool ZIP 106 KB
Tsi578 BSDL Model Model - BSDL TXT 70 KB

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