The P9235A-RB-EVK Evaluation Board demonstrates the features of the P9235A-RB 5W Wireless Power Transmitter (TX). It is intended to evaluate the functionality and performance of the P9235A-RB when combined with a power receiver in a wireless charging system. The P9235A-RB-EVK has an on-board flash. Customers can update the application firmware in the flash and customize selected parameters, such as LED pattern, and FOD thresholds. The printed circuit board (PCB) has four layers. 

The P9235A-RB Evaluation Board is designed to function with the P9225-R Receiver Evaluation Board, which is ordered separately. It can also be used with the user’s WPC-1.2.4 compliant receiver.

The high-efficiency, turnkey reference design is supported by comprehensive online digital resources to significantly expedite the design-in effort and enable rapid prototyping. The total active area is optimized to 21mm x 21mm.


  • P9235A-RB Evaluation Board provides support for WPC-1.2.4 
  • On-board Flash with application firmware gives users flexibility to customize
  • Power capability: 5W for 5V input 
  • Adjustable over-current protection (OCP) threshold
  • Adjustable temperature shutdown
  • Two programmable LED status indicators
  • Design schematics, Gerbers and Allegro layout files available online

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P9235A-RB-EVK Active


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P9235A-RB Evaluation Board User Manual Manual - Eval Board PDF 1.72 MB
Tuning Qi and AirFuel / PMA Inductive Resonance Circuits for Optimal Efficiency White Paper PDF 541 KB
P9235A-RB-EVK v1.0 Bill-of-materials (BOM) Engineering XLSX 15 KB
P9235A-RB-EVK v1.0 Allegro Board File PCB Design Files ZIP 280 KB
P9235A-RB-EVK v1.0 Gerber Files Engineering ZIP 448 KB
P9235A-RB-EVK v1.0 Allegro Schematic DSN File Schematic ZIP 145 KB
P9235A-RB-EVK v1.0 PDF Schematic Schematic PDF 38 KB
Wireless Power Overview (日本語) English, 简体中文 Overview PDF 534 KB


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P9235A-RB A11a Configuration Flash HEX File Software ZIP 20 KB