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The IDT Partner Program is a network of third party companies that offer unique capabilities and services that complement and extend IDT’s products and services to serve our joint customers. IDT partners include independent consultants, independent design houses, original design manufacturers with in-house design, and more. The partners are can be searched by product, service type, and/or location. IDT partners have experience with and demonstrated competence in IDT products.

NOTICE: The third party companies and consultants identified in the IDT Partner Program are independent third-parties, and are not part of, or controlled by, Integrated Device Technology, Inc., or any of its affiliates (collectively, "IDT"). Their contact information is provided solely as a convenience to our customers. While IDT reasonably believes these third-parties to be able to engage in design work with our customers, it is the customer's sole and exclusive responsibility to research the qualifications of any design partner in relation to any specific needs and requirements before engaging in any activity with them. This may include, but is not limited to, checking references, reviewing examples of previous design work, and checking with appropriate business regulatory agencies. IDT makes no warranty, express or implied, for any third-party’s work, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and further IDT disclaims all liability for any design partner commitments made to customers, or for their work. Engagement with the design partners of any kind will be done at the sole risk of the customer. All product and company names mentioned in this document may be the trademarks of their respective holders.

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Thetasys LLC is focused on the development of sensors and sensor network products. Thetasys services include 1) Design Services: develop product requirements and specifications; design to requirements; prototype development; integration and debug. 2) Product Development: turn-key design to match your system requirements. We deliver a verified design or the manufactured product. 3) Safety Management: certified ISO 26262 safety management to help you establish your safety system, or generate the deliverables required by your customers.

Technology: Position Sensors
タイプ: Coil Design, Firmware Development, Hardware Development


X-Microwave, LLC makes RF and Microwave product development faster, easier and lower cost via modular RF and microwave solutions to 80 GHz. X-Microwave offers a complete portfolio of modular drop-in RF components, an innovative prototype station, free online simulation and mechanical layout tools.

Technology: RF Products
タイプ: Hardware Development