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The IDT P9021 is a dual-mode single-chip wireless power receiver IC that complies with the requirements of both WPC “Qi” 1.0.1 and PMA Type 1 Interoperability specifications. The device functions to receive an AC power signal from a compatible wireless transmitter and convert it into a regulated 5V output voltage to provide direct power or supply the charger input in mobile applications. The P9021 integrates a high-efficiency synchronous full-bridge rectifier, high-efficiency synchronous buck converter, and control circuits used to modulate the load to transmit WPC or PMA-compliant message packets to the transmitter to optimize power delivery.


  • Dual-mode: WPC 1.0.1 and PMA Type 1
  • Compatible with all WPC receiver coils including proprietary and PCB-based coils
  • Integrated synchronous full-bridge rectifier
  • Integrated synchronous buck converter
  • Closed-loop power transfer control between base station and mobile device
  • Optional proprietary back-channel comm.
  • Security and encryption up to 64-bit
  • Optional multi-layer foreign object detection (FOD)
  • Over-temp, voltage, current protection

Product Options

注文可能な製品ID Part Status Pkg. Code Pkg. Type Carrier Type Lead Count (#) Temp. Grade Pb (Lead) Free 購入/サンプル
P9021-0AHGI8 Obsolete AHG99 WLCSP Reel 99 I Yes


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IDTP9021 Dual-mode WP Receiver Preliminary Data Sheet Short Form Datasheet PDF 488 KB
Wireless Power Transmission Resonance LC Calculations Application Note PDF 3.63 MB