The 8V97003 is a high-performance wideband microwave Synthesizer / Phase Lock Loop (PLL) that generates output frequencies up to 18GHz from an integrated Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) offering an octave of frequency tuning range. The device  offers a high-performance 32-bit fractional feedback divider and an output divider to allow users to fully benefit from the wideband characteristics of the VCO. The device's industry leading figure of merit and  excellent VCO performance allow for very low phase noise and RMS phase jitter. The 8V97003 offers a very low output-to-output and input-to-output phase skew drift in temperature across the entire temperature range, reducing radio path recalibration occurrences in beamforming applications, such as 5G radio card massive MIMO systems. The output drivers have programmable output power settings and can deliver very high output power to facilitate board layout and contribute to keep excellent signal integrity up to 18GHz. The 8V97003 relies on a single 3.3V power supply and offers low noise integrated LDOs for excellent power supply noise immunity. The device is encapsulated into a 7 × 7mm 48-VFQFN package.


  • Dual differential outputs
  • Output frequency range: 187.5MHz to 18GHz
  • Ultra-low phase noise VCO
  • -60dBc integrated phase jitter from 20kHz to 100MHz at 6GHz
  • Figure of Merit: -237dBc/Hz
  • Input reference frequency: 10MHz to 1GHz (LVPECL, LVDS); 10MHz to 250MHz (LVCMOS)
  • Fractional-N synthesizer and integer-N synthesizer
  • 32-bit of fractional and modulus resolution
  • Phase frequency detector (PFD) operation up to 500MHz (Integer mode) or 250MHz (Fractional mode)
  • Programmable RF output power with ~2 dBm steps
  • -40°C to +95°C ambient temperature range; and up to +105°C case temperature
  • 3.3V single power supply operation
  • Integrated LDOs for good power supply noise immunity
  • 7 × 7 mm 48-VFQFN package
  • SPI interface is compatible with 1.8V logic and tolerant to 3.3V
  • Supported by IDT Timing Commander software tool

Product Options

注文可能な製品ID Part Status Pkg. Code Pkg. Type Lead Count (#) Grade Temp. Grade Temp. Range Pb (Lead) Free Carrier Type 購入/サンプル
8V97003NLGI Preview NLG48P3 VFQFPN 48 5G I -40 to 85°C Yes Tray
8V97003NLGI8 Preview NLG48P3 VFQFPN 48 5G I -40 to 85°C Yes Reel
8V97003NLGI/W Preview NLG48P3 VFQFPN 48 5G I -40 to 95°C Yes Reel


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8V97003 Short-Form Datasheet Short Form Datasheet PDF 82 KB
8V97003 EVB Manual Manual - Eval Board PDF 2.24 MB
Timing Commander Installation Guide Guide PDF 497 KB
Integer Boundary Spurs in Fractional-Feedback Phase-Locked Loops (PLLs) White Paper PDF 537 KB
Timing Solutions Products Overview Overview PDF 4.11 MB
RF Timing Family Product Overview Overview PDF 723 KB
IDT Products for Wired Broadband Applications Application Briefs PDF 686 KB
IDT Products for Radio Applications (日本語) English Product Brief PDF 2.34 MB
IDT Clock Generation Overview (日本語) English Overview PDF 1.83 MB
IDT Clock Distribution Overview (日本語) English Overview PDF 3.79 MB


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Timing Commander Personality File for 8V97003 (v2.0.0) Software TCP 3.44 MB
Timing Commander Installer (v1.15.0.27471) Software ZIP 19.57 MB