The EVK-8V97051A is designed to help the customer evaluate the 8V97051A RF Synthesizer / PLL. When the board is connected to a PC running IDT Timing Commander software through USB, the device can be configured and programmed through a graphical interface or through register settings, to generate frequencies with best-in-class performance.


  • Board comes pre-populated with the 8V97051A
  • Fully configurable through IDT Timing Commander software
  • USB powered for portability
  • Onboard 25MHz TCXO plus alternate SMA input provide flexibility for input reference selection

Product Options

注文可能な製品ID Part Status 購入/サンプル
EVK-8V97051A Active


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8V9705x EVB Collateral Manual - User Reference ZIP 3.78 MB
8V97051 EVB User Guide Shortform Guide PDF 72 KB
8V97051 EVB User Guide Guide PDF 72 KB
Timing Commander Installation Guide Guide PDF 497 KB
8V9705x Evaluation Board Schematic Schematic PDF 57 KB


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Timing Commander Installer (v1.15.0.27471) Software ZIP 19.57 MB