8 Channel T1 / J1 / E1 Short Haul/Long Haul LIU

8-Channel T1/E1/J1 Short Haul/Long Haul Line Interface Unit. This device has an adaptive equalizer integrated, performs clock.data recovery, line decoding/encoding and has one jitter attenuator. Optimized to be used in LAN, WAN, Routers, Wireless Base Stations, Gateways etc.

Product Options

Orderable Part ID Part Status Pkg. Code Pkg. Type Lead Count (#) Pb (Lead) Free Carrier Type Buy Sample
82V2088BBG Active BBG208 PBGA 208 Yes Tray


タイトル 他の言語 タイプ フォーマット ファイルサイズ 日付
82V2088 Data Sheet Datasheet PDF 714 KB 11月 16, 2012
82V2088 LIU, Data Sheet Errata Datasheet Errata PDF 74 KB 7月 30, 2005
AN-857 Proposed Circuit for 2048kHz Clock Transmission Application Note PDF 246 KB 2月 13, 2015
AN-854 Competitive Comparison Analysis on Octal LIU Application Note PDF 35 KB 5月 14, 2014
AN-853 Application Considerations Using 82V204 to Replace LXT384 Application Note PDF 76 KB 5月 14, 2014
AN-377: LIU & Transceiver, Transformer Selection Guide Application Note PDF 445 KB 6月 14, 2006
AN-428: LIU & Transceiver, Evaluation Board Guide Application Note PDF 596 KB 9月 15, 2005
AN-407: 82V2081/2/4/8 LIU, 1+1 Relay-less HPS Application Note PDF 204 KB 5月 22, 2003
PDN# : CQ-16-01 PRODUCT DISCONTINUANCE NOTICE Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 552 KB 5月 3, 2016
PCN#: A1309-03 Additional Assembly Sources Product Change Notice PDF 398 KB 10月 20, 2013
PCN#: A-0410-02, Change IDT marking logo with new IDT gridless w Product Change Notice PDF 24 KB 11月 13, 2012
PCN # T0512-01 Product Stepping Change Product Change Notice PDF 95 KB 12月 22, 2005
PCN#: TB-0512-01 Reel Color Changed from Blue to Black Product Change Notice PDF 729 KB 12月 15, 2005
PCN# A-0506-01: New m/c G700 & d/a 8361J for PQFP Product Change Notice PDF 16 KB 8月 11, 2005
PCN A-0506-03; Packing Material Change Product Change Notice PDF 290 KB 7月 18, 2005
PCN#: A-0403-03, BGA package family Product Change Notice PDF 38 KB 12月 8, 2004
PCN#: A-0309-05, new m/c-G770 & d/a-2300 material Product Change Notice PDF 211 KB 10月 15, 2003
82V2088 PQFP-208 BSDL Model - BSDL BSDL 21 KB 9月 6, 2005
82V2088 PBGA-208 BSDL Model - BSDL BSDL 21 KB 8月 25, 2005


タイトル 他の言語 タイプ フォーマット ファイルサイズ 日付
82V2088 PQFP-208 BSDL Model - BSDL BSDL 21 KB 9月 6, 2005
82V2088 PBGA-208 BSDL Model - BSDL BSDL 21 KB 8月 25, 2005